The Art of Flirting: How to Talk to Any Girl, Anywhere Without Being Cheesy

The Art of Flirting: How to Talk to Any Girl, Anywhere Without Being Cheesy

Talking to girls isn’t rocket science.  And between work, commuting, and eating you're likely doing it everyday. But when it comes to approaching a girl you like and successfully flirting, it seems to become ridiculously more difficult. It’s not that talking is hard for you. It’s just that after enough snotty girls, rude insults, and all-night teases, the thought of flirting with new girl - and hoping for success - can sometimes bring up more than a few, fully understandable mental roadblocks.

It’s been said there are four basic ways to approach and flirt with girls:

  • Indirect – Starting a conversation without showing direct sexual interest
  • Observational & Situational – Comments about the weather, venue, or her
  • Humor – Because everyone loves a funny guy
  • Direct – The no-holds-back, no time wasted approach of putting it all out on the table at once

While it’s great to know the logic of how to approach and flirt with girls - and, sure, while most of this can be applied in one way or another - sometimes you need more than just the approach to guide you.

For your dating pleasure – and success rate – refer to these simple guidelines and examples that just about cover all grounds to approaching and flirting with girls. From bars to beaches, early mornings to late evenings, these eight ways of approaching girls will allow you to effortlessly flirt with any girl, anytime, anywhere.