20 Hottest Girls on Instagram

20 Hottest Girls on Instagram

Remember the days when you had to pick up an expensive magazine just to look at photos of hot babes?

Those days are over now, thanks to the massive success of sites like Instagram (Android app or Apple app), where with a mere click, you can see a steady stream of succulent female flesh any time you want.

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But it's nice just to view them, Instagram Models post everything from regular selfies to bikini pics to photos of tight booties in yoga pants, so there is never a reason to get any actual work done.

If you're looking for something (or someone) to spice up your Instagram feed, here are some suggestions of the hottest ladies on Instagram to follow. Not only are they drop-dead gorgeous but, they love posting photos of themselves as walking, living, breathing proof.

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Important note: these aren’t ranked from hottest to not – because they're all pretty damn fine!

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20. Danielle Knudson

Danielle Knudson This Canadian girl is a GUESS model and fronts many ads and posters. If you don't recognize her, don't worry - follower her on Instagram and you will get to know her real well!

19. Mercedes Terrell

Mercedes Terrell

This lady has quite an impressive resume! Model and spokesperson for Monster Energy Girl, Bellator MMA ring girl and model - with that many titles, she definitely keeps her Instagram followers happy!

18. Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky Daughter of Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones-Gretzky, this hottie has over 300k followers on Instagram. She's also a model, pop singer and celebutante. And a professional golfer!! Need I say more?

17. Nicole Mejia

Nicole Mejia Nicole Mejia is a fitness model and created "Fit and Thick" - but she also is a great Instagram lady to follow. She has nearly 600k followers and other than the fitness posts, she is sure to amuse your feed with all kinds of selfies, belfies, butt poses and bikini poses.

16. Arielle Vandenberg

Arielle Vandenberg One of the many reasons we love Arielle are for her hilarious Instagram posts. She has over 100k followers on Instagram and makes us laugh with her witty sense of humor, funny photos and her ability make us laugh via a photo.

15. Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley This Aussie chic currently lives in LA and is a fashion designer, model and swimwear icon. With nearly 600k followers on Instagram, she inspires your dreams of being on a white sand beach and watching a bikini clad girl. Yup.

14. Valeria Orsini

Valeria Orsini This lovely lady has quite the international mix: Colombian, Italian and Puerto Rican. Regardless of where she's from, she definitely loves her 600k Instagram followers and posts all kinds of beautiful photos and selfies. Yes please!

13. Ashley Sky

Ashley Sky Ashley Sky has over 900k followers on Instagram. Why? Two words: Brazilian. Model. Rawr. (Third word doesn't count...)

12. Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer UFC Octagon girl, artist, host, model - this "jack of many trades" lady has nearly 300k followers on Instagram. Other than the awesome UFC girl psots, she also entertains with model shoots, bikini poses ... and did I see one with pizza??!?

11. Ellie Gonsalves

Ellie Gonsalves This hottie is a model, incredible swimwear designer and a Wildlife Warriors ambassador. With over 300k followers on Instagram, she posts a variety of photos from gym tips, modeling shoots and don't forget kissy face selfies! Muah muah.

10. Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste Her Instagram profile says "Lover, not a fighter." This chic has over 400k followers and posts all kinds of photos! She's also the co-host to Overhaulin, a UFC octagon girl, host, model and fitness nerd. And she loves puppies, beaches, bikinis and traveling. No way! Us too!?!? We have so much in common!

9. Renee Somerfield

Renee Somerfield Model, beach bum and vegan - this hottie has over 600k followers on Instagram and we can see why. This blonde babe is an international model and you will see pics from all over the world.

8. Alice Matos

Alice Matos This Bikini IFBB athlete is also a fashionista and started her own clothing line. But fitness will always be a part of her life, so she posts fitness tips, photos to show her 300k Instagram followers what it's all about!

7. Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal Does this Danish model look familiar? She was the model on the famous Carls Jr commercial - the one with the bikini babe, eating a hamburger on the beach. Yup, that's her! That's probably one of the many reasons she has over 400k followers on Instagram.

6. Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley Professional surfer and gypsy, this babe has nearly 500k followers on Instagram. With plenty of bikini, surfing and beach pics, we can see why anyone would want to follow her!

5. Brooke Evers

Brooke Evers This babe is an Australian television star, model and DJ. In 2008, she was on Zoo Weekly's cover as "Beach Babe of the Year." She posts a variety of photos to keep her 100k+ Instagram followers entertained, from DJ pics to modeling sessions and so much more!

4. Jaclyn Swedberg

Jaclyn Swedberg This lady has over 200k followers on Instagram. She's also Playboy's Playmate of the Year 2012, Centerfold, Model, Cover Girl, Dog mom, California Girl. Need I say more?

3. Amy Willerton

Amy Willerton This lovely babe is a British model who won the title of Miss Universe Great Britain in 2013. With nearly 500k followers on Instagram, she entertains with cute selifes such as this one, modeling pics and even some videos for your viewing pleasure.

2. Cindy Prado

Cindy Prado This lady has nearly 90k followers on Instagram and is a Maxim hometown hottie. If you need more reasons to follow her, she's also a model and likes to post her modeling pics and selfies. With no filter needed.

1. Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard Alana Blanchard is an American professional surfer and bikini model. She also is involved with designing Rip Curl bikinis. She has over 900k followers on Instagram - because who doesn't love a surfer chic!?