Best Luxury Gift for a High School Graduate $500 Gift Card


  • Accepted at multiple locations around the world 
  • Makes traveling less stressful 
  • Easy to use


Redeemable online or via the smartphone app. You can earn points toward free room rentals when you pay with this gift card.

Not eligible for certain promotions or special offers.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: After spending approximately 2/3 of his or her life in school, your high school graduate is probably ready for a well-deserved vacation. This gift card is redeemable at more than 150,000 hotels across the globe, so he or she can use it nearly anywhere. This is also an excellent gift for a military-bound graduate who wants to return for regular visits without sacrificing their independence (in other words, they don’t want to stay in their childhood home).

The best part? There’s no expiration date, so your graduate can travel whenever they're ready to explore the world.

Price: At $500, this is easily one of the most expensive gifts on our list. You can purchase smaller denominations, but we chose this amount because it gives your traveling graduate more than just a day or two of vacation time.


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