Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner (MN10CESWW)

Best Overall Portable Air Conditioner

Why people love it

  • Cools remarkably well 
  • Wonderfully quiet 
  • Easy setup and installation 

This Honeywell portable air conditioner performs excellently (and quietly), especially given the nice price. It can handle a 350 sq. ft. space with its dual-hose design. 

It has a less than impressive dehumidifier functions and it is quite heavy at almost 100 pounds. 


This is one of the best options in portable air conditioners that you'll find this year. It's as simple as that. For a start, it's an Amazon #1 Bestseller in its category (portable air conditioners) and that should tell you something. It also has dehumidifier capabilities - and it's certainly not the worst looking option on the market.

This Honeywell air conditioner comes with a remote control, which is handy (though we need to know what the difference in price would be if there was an app for that). It operates with 10,000 BTU and can handle up to 400 square feet with little issue. Additionally, it is a quiet machine and has a few different presets and timers. You can also use it as a fan only (for those few moments when you'll need that). Most importantly, you don't need to empty any buckets of water, no matter how much moisture you suck out of the air.

Room size: 350 sq. ft.

Power: 10,000 BTU

Maximum airflow: 174 CFM

Single or dual hose: Dual

Fan operation: Yes, 3-speed.

Dehumidifier: Yes, 75 pints/day.

Noise level: 50 dB

Display: Digital LCD display with feather touch controls

Sleep mode or timer: There isn’t a dedicated sleep mode, but there is a programmable timer.

Remote: Yes, allows for control of all functions. Can be used in the room, but not too far away.

Weight: 94 lbs.

Price: The MSRP is $450, but you can find it for about $350 when it’s not in high demand.

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