Now this is always going to be fun, isn't it?  Your very own lie detector to determine what's really going on in your life.


This is the USB lie detector kit with digital pulse and skin monitors for conducting a polygraph test at home.

Using sensors applied to a subject’s fingers, the system takes baseline readings of the pulse rate and the skin’s electrical resistance and measures any changes in response to questioning.

Data is graphed and stored in real time using free software, so testers can assess whether the subject’s pulse accelerates or the conductivity of their skin begins to change—the same physiological signs that professional polygraph examiners use to determine whether a suspect is lying.

Although results are not legally binding, they may provoke a teenager’s confession about sneaking in after curfew or simply elicit laughs at a party.

The system connects to a computer using the included USB cable. For Windows 8,7, Vista, XP, and Mac OSX.

Box: 8" L x 6" W x 4" D. (2 lbs.)

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