Best PC Gaming Chair for a Home Office

Homall Desk Chair Executive Swivel Leather Office Chair
  • Perfect for gamers and at-home professionals alike
  • Very comfortable, even after long hours of sitting
  • Sturdy, durable, and built to last
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Comfortable for gaming and work, easy to assemble, provides excellent lumbar support, high backed for comfy reclining, great for lounging, good quality, durable, affordable, and features fake leather instead of plastic. Overall, this is a good-looking chair.

The thin bar across the chair at the lower back can grind/cause discomfort.


Details: This is the best computer chair for those who spend a lot of time PC gaming. It's built for maximum comfort, offering excellent lumbar support. The high back will give you a solid surface to lean against, and you'll love the padded headrest. It's ideal for anyone under 6'—the perfect height to recline and lay back.

The chair is made from artificial leather (polyurethane), so you get excellent durability without the high price of genuine leather. The sleek armrests have padding to keep your elbows comfortable during long hours of gaming/work. With a load capacity of up to 280 pounds, it's a chair built for PC gamers!

Features: The chair is designed to be comfortable, with awesome padding in both the seat and back. The seat padding won't collapse after hours of sitting, so your butt will have plenty of cushioning through a marathon gaming session.

The armrests aren't adjustable, but they do recline with the chair. There is a minor design flaw: a thin metal bar running across the lower back that can cause a bit of discomfort as you recline. However, the padded bucket seat and high back will make this a great chair for gaming.

Price: At $73, this is a very reasonably-priced chair. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and the manufacturer (Horall) will send any replacement parts if the chair is damaged or missing components. All in all, a great choice!


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