Why people love it
  • Highly reliable, stable, and easy to use
  • Affordable yet durable
  • The perfect practice drone before buying a high-priced model

Best of the low-priced drones, highly reliable and versatile, perfect to practice on before buying a pricier drone

Drone heats up as it flies


Performance: If you want to run this drone at optimum performance, strip it down to the barebones (no camera, landing feet, or propeller guards). It will handle like a dream, reaching impressive speeds for such a small device--perfect as a sport drone. It comes with multiple flying modes, adjustable according to your proficiency. The camera can stream to your mobile phone (Android/iOS), and though the video quality isn't the best, it's as good as it gets for a low-priced drone.

Operation: The range on this bad boy is 300 feet, and it will handle well in all but the heaviest winds. The 2.4 GHz RC control is reliable and consistent even at the edge of its range. The controls are responsive and precise, making it easy to control. For those who are trying to master more complex drone flight, this is the copter for you. The downside is that the drone will heat up with extended use, so you have to let it cool down for at least 10 minutes between flights.


The LED lights will help you to keep an eye on your drone even after dark, and it's beautifully bright at night. The Headless system keeps it beautifully stable, and the Return Home button will bring the drone home (ideal for if you lose it).


At $120, this is one of the best of the lower-priced drones! You spend far less than you would on an expensive one (like the Phantom models), but you get a durable, responsive drone that handles well and can take a beating. Definitely a good model to learn to fly before upgrading to a high-end drone.

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