Why people love it
  • Cheap--just $40!
  • Programmed to make flying easy even for inexperienced drone pilots
  • Excellent customer service; will replace broken parts quickly

Wings break fairly easily


Performance: This little drone doesn’t have a camera built into it, but it's a great little copter for those who want to play around. It's lightweight, easy to learn to fly, and handles great indoors. Just be careful not to crash it, as the wings won't survive a lot of beating.

Operation: Charging time on this drone is anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes, and you get a solid 6-8 minutes of flying time. Your flying range is up to 50 meters (150 feet), making it better to use at home than in a wide open space. You'll get the hang of the flying in no time!

Features: The Return to Home feature brings the drone back to its original launch point, and the Headless security system improves stability and control, making it ideal for beginner pilots. The 6-gyro stabilization will keep the drone level as you fly it.

Price: At $40, this is an amazingly-priced drone. If you're looking for a drone to learn how to fly (before buying a pricier one), this is the option for you!

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