Holy Stone F181

Best Drone to Learn With

Why people love it
  • Durable drone with built-in headless security system
  • Different modes for different levels of experience
  • Stable and smooth flying

When it comes to drones, you’re typically looking at cheap drones meant for kids or at more expensive drones meant for professionals. But what about the drones for everyone in between? Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate drone user, you’ll enjoy using the Holy Stone F181. It’s the perfect drone to learn with, but also has the capability to grow in functionality as you grow in drone aptitude.

The most commonly mentioned “complaint” with this drone is the slow yaw. However, this is also a big win for drone users learning how to stably fly a drone and take clearer shots while doing so.


Performance: Some users have experienced issues with the video recording not always working. Be sure to read the user’s manual (as well as the Amazon reviews) for troubleshooting. And, if you don’t want to do that, then call the manufacturer. They’re known for excellent customer service and should be able to help.

Operation: Because it’s known for its smooth-flying capabilities, learning to use this—and to do fun trick and take advantage of advanced functionality—will be very easy. Additionally, this drone is ready to use out of the box, so there’s no lengthy or complicated setup to worry about either.

Features: Headless security system. Stable altitude control for easier camera shots. Removable camera. Various user modes (based on your experience and comfort level).

Price: This is a great value drone whether you’re brand new to drones or looking for something to practice more advanced skills on.

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