Hoka One Men's Bondi 4

Most Comfortable Running Shoes

Why people love it

• Airy and comfortable—like running on a cloud

• Design ensures smooth heel-to-toe transition

• Heavier, more durable than average shoes; great for distance running


Sizes run small, and the outsole lacks durability.


Performance: For those who want a pair of shoes that can keep up with a lot of daily use, these Hoka shoes are the perfect choice. They're bigger, bulkier, and heavier than your average pair of running shoes, but they offer amazingly thick cushioning that reduces the impact as you run. Thanks to the breathability and impact-reducing design, you'll never have to deal with aching feet again.

The sole is designed to make the heel-to-toe transition smoother, helping you to run with less effort. It's definitely not a shoe built for speed, but it will keep your feet comfortable as you run—a treadmill workout, 5K, half-marathon, or IronMan race!

Features: The EVA midsole offers great arch support, encouraging a more natural gait. The mesh upper is surprisingly airy, keeping your feet ventilated as you run for hours. The non-marking rubber outsole offers good durability, with excellent traction that will keep you stable on gravel, dust, or even icy conditions.

Be warned: the midsole is oversized—up to 250% larger than other running shoes. This is done to ensure better cushioning and arch support. It adds a bit of weight, but it makes the shoe more comfortable even after long hours of running.

Price: Starting at $90, these are the priciest of the shoes on our "budget buy" list. However, they're worth every penny if you're a distance runner and are looking for the shoes that can keep up with hours of pounding the pavement.

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