HOEREV Super Soft Harem Yoga Pants

Best Yoga Pants to Keep Cool

Why people love it
  • Amazingly thin and soft to the touch
  • Long, free-flowing, and offer free movement
  • Lightweight and breathable

Feel more like pajama pants than workout pants.


Quality: If you’re looking for a super comfortable pair of pants, you’ll fall in love with these! Made from a 95% modal fabric and 5% nylon blend, they’re super soft to the touch, beautifully lightweight, breathable, and wonderfully cool. They feel more like pajama pants than exercise clothing, but that makes them perfect for those relaxing Yoga sessions. Your skin will love this super-soft, super lightweight pair of pants!

Style: The Harem-style pants is free-flowing and beautifully loose. They’re not great for a lot of inversion poses, as they’ll fall up your legs when you’re doing Downward Dog or handstands. However, they’re so comfortable for the more relaxing forms of Yoga, as they’ll give you full range of movement for you to get those leg lifts, Warrior Poses, twists, and fully extended stretches. The pants will never constrict or cling to your legs, but they’ll keep you cool and comfy all day long!

Price: These are a very well-priced pair of Yoga pants, but their low cost doesn’t mean they’re low quality. They’re super comfortable, durable enough for indoor and outdoor use, and amazing for keeping you cool in any heat.

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