Hips and Curves Strappy Bra and Stretch Lace Panties

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  • Sexy, classic look
  • Gives the ultimate stretch and support
  • Makes any woman feel beautiful 


Material and quality: The Strappy Bra and Stretch Lace Panties are made with nylon spandex, making it easy to attain the perfect fit. Pair with the strappy stretch lace panty for an ultra-sexy look. Although like all lingerie, these garmets require hand wash only to preserve the quality.

Colors: Available in a range of colors including: black, white, red, and plum. 

Style: The style of this lingerie is classic, yet seductive. You really can't go wrong with this bra and panty set. The stretchy combination of nylon and spandex provides a forgiving fit, and looks flattering on every body type, especially BBW. 

Price: At a mid-range price point of $39.95, this sexy set is a great choice that your lady is sure to love. 

The perfect sexy set for any special occasion. The fabric makes any woman feel gorgeous with extra support for BBW. 

If placed in the washing machine, the material may snag on other clothes. 

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