Why people love it
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • A must-have for day hikes and travelling
  • Roomy, yet compact when needed

The quality of the inner lining isn't the best. It may start peeling after some use. 


Size: The 20-liter backpack is a lot roomier than it looks! It will hold just about anything you might need for a day hike such as lunch, a light jacket, and a water bottle. Not only can you use it for hiking, but it's great for travel as well. The Hikpro folds up into a sandwich-sized pocket for when you're not using it. The best part is, you can stick it in your luggage and you won't even notice it's there.

Durability: For $17, this backpack holds up surprisingly well. It's designed with tear-resistant nylon material and SBS metal zippers that are very sturdy. Since this backpack is made with nylon, it's also water resistant. Although it will protect the contents in the light rain, it's not entirely water proof. 

Extra features: The Hikpro was designed to be simple so that it could be as lightweight as possible. This means that there aren't a whole lot of extra features built-in. There are three zippered compartments in addition to two large size mesh pockets for storing water. The little built-in zipper pouch inside the backpack is just the right size to store a little extra cash, keys, or copies of your I.D. The Hikpro comes in four colors including teal, navy, red, and black.

Price: For the price, this backpack can't be beat. The $17 price tag makes this of the cheapest hiking backpacks on our list. 

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