The blades for these Higo no Kami Daidai knives measure anywhere from 9-11cm for sizes large and x-large.

  • Hitachi-BlueSteel
  • All Hand-Made
  • Japanese Traditional Crafting Technique

Each of these knives are made by hand using Japanese traditional crafting techniques.  Traditional is a keyword there too; they're using methods over 100 years old.  Higo no Kami Daidai knives are like snowflakes - no two knives are the same.   And that's going to impress your friends, isn't it?  

That's bewteen 3.5-4.33" (in case you didn't feel like looking it up).  Plus, they're made from Hitachi-BlueSteel - and just saying that should make you feel like you're in a movie.

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