High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag to Take to the Gym

Why people love it
  • Plenty of room to hold all that gear
  • Sturdy construction
  • Remarkably inexpensive

Most users don’t experience any problems with construction, but there are some that do so watch out. Also, this bag may be bigger than expected.


This simple canvas bag isn't going to win any style awards, but it will keep an enormous amount of your belongings dry and organized. It's a super casual bag from High Sierra, offering convenience for the right price (as long as it's on sale). It's big enough to fit a larger laptop plus accessories (and has a cell phone pocket). It's perfect to tuck into your trunk as a spare gym bag - or to take as an overnight carry-on. True, it is a "younger" man's bag, but we think you can pull it off at any age.

What’s it made of? This is a polyester bag. That means it’s versatile, even if it isn’t super stylish.

Can you close it fully? There are some closures at the bottom of the flap which cover an open pocket. But, there is a main compartment that closes with a zipper. You’ll want to do a quick sweep of your gym locker if you store it vertically.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This is a big messenger bag; it measures 18”x13.5”x7”. If your computer is bigger, we can’t imagine that you’re carrying it around in a messenger bag. You may be interested to know there is a padded pocket; the need for a sleeve is dependent on the size of your tech. There’s a separate phone pocket and loads of room for gym shoes, water bottles, and more.

Can you wash it? You might be able to get away with tossing it in the machine on the gentle cycle (and air drying it). But, you won’t want to do it too often; the bag isn’t that strong.

Will it break the bank? No! This giant messenger bag sells for less than $20 if you get it in plain black. If you want some color or you opt for a patterned bag, you will pay more. It’s just that you don’t have to.

What Reviewers Say: This is one of those products that truly qualifies as unisex so there are a few more gals than guys reviewing this item. If you want to be certain you're getting a guys opinion, there are plenty to choose:

  • I love my bag! It's a lot larger than I thought it was going to be, which is good. I was afraid it would be too small. In fact, even using my ruler to estimate it's size from the information on the page didn't prepare me for how roomy it is. The sewing is really nice. I see no rips or tears, the material is tough and strong, very durable which I like a lot. The bag feels like it could handle a large, heavy load and I need that.
  • To date, I have not noticed a single frayed strap, or loose sting on this bag, and I am almost half way through my second semester using it. The bag is large enough for my 15 inch laptop, and 2 large textbooks. The shoulder strap pad is quite comfortable, and has a slight contour to fit on your shoulder next to your neck nicely. There are two velcro pouches that are large enough to hold many pencils and pens standing upright, and the main portion of the bag is separated into two sections, one with a zipper and another that is open. Even though part of the bag is open, when the flap is down and buckled I have not lost anything that I keep in the pouch.
  • Great price for such a big bag! Love it...lots of pockets to hold all my stuff!
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