Why people love it
  • Flat iron lasts forever 
  • Smooth operation; works well 
  • Makes a great gift

This 1.25” ceramic flat iron has a good flat connection and a great grip. It also lasts (seemingly) forever if you treat it nicely. 

The plates are bit fragile; you don’t want to drop this flat iron when it gets a little too hot to touch (which it sometimes does).


There are plenty of flat irons ready to boast their high temperatures - and to be fair, this particular hair straightener isn't really talking about their low temperatures. We are though. While 180ºF isn’t the absolute lowest you can find, it’s still rather low. And that’s good news for those with thinner hair or that only need a little straightening help. It’s great at getting rid of static and frizz and it does so with those moisturizing negative ions.

What else is there to like? How about the lifespan of this Herstyler flat iron? People use theirs frequently and still report them lasting upwards of 7 years. But, they are lightweight with a long cord which is slightly problematic - the ceramic plates are a little fragile; drop this hair straightener and you might cry. Still, the price is good and users tend to fall in love.


Heating speed: 30 seconds

Temperature and controls: You can get as low as 180 with this flat iron - though it does go all the way to 450ºF. The manual adjustment dial controls the temperature.

Plates: Ceramic

Size: 1.25”

Shut-off: Manual

Voltage: Dual

Price: We’ve seen this for just over $22, but the MSRP is $35. We’re happy to see it for less than $25 - especially when people have paid over $100 for this at the mall. 

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