Why people love it
  • Best quality prong training collar
  • Built with a special plate to protect dog’s trachea
  • Easy to get on/off

Some people have said they don’t know how to get the collar off or on the dog, so be sure to review the instructions and work with a certified trainer before using this collar on your dog.


Style: This is a metal prong collar used for training dogs as well as keeping larger and stronger dogs in line when you walk them. As the collar tightens, the prongs push into the dogs neck, letting them know they need to ease up, and customers say it works wonders for obedience.

Comfort: There haven’t been any real issues reported with discomfort. So long as you get the right size and use it properly, your dog should be just fine wearing this. 

Security: Once the collar is secured, you shouldn’t have any problems at all with your dog slipping out of this one.

Price: In terms of dog training collars go, this is about mid-range on price.

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