Free of all chemicals and heavy metals, and has a wonderful manly smell--like a freshly-felled pine tree.

  • Deals with B.O. highly effectively
  • Lasts all day long
  • Natural deodorant; easy on sensitive skin

If you want an all-natural deodorant for men, this is a pretty solid option for you.  A single application keeps you smelling good all day long, and at $5 per stick, it's one of the best options around!

What Reviewers Say:

  • The stuff worked really well, but the smell was slightly too masculine, so I switched to the Blossom fragrance. It's light and fresh and will not interfere with any perfumes you might use. I have to re-apply maybe once a day (if I remember), but am no longer paranoid everyone can smell me! The stuff actually works! Now, the fragrance tends to fade and often you're left smelling like nothing (which can be scary), but there's also no BO!
  • Forest is every bit as good as the old Woodspice -- perhaps better. It's kept me fresh during two-hour long intense aerobic workouts (even in shirts made of wicking fabric, which we all know can get pretty rank), when I reapply without showering, and when I am out gardening in very hot weather. Thank you, Herban Cowboy -- it's been a long (and stinky) wait. Also, it has a woodsy scent (obviously), but smells great enough to be androgenous -- it's not Axe or Old Spice-like at all, just yummy.
  • This is the only organic deodorant I've found that actually works. I don't stink. It doesn't smell fruity or floral or like candle wax. It has a nice, not over-powering fragrance and lasts all day.I think the shipping costs were excessive for something that came in a padded envelope, but since this product isn't found in every part of the country, I guess it's the price I'll have to pay for a deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum and other bad stuff.

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