Cool Henna Tattoo Designs for Women

Cool Henna Tattoo Designs for Women

Thinking about getting inked? Henna tattooing is a great way to test the waters! It uses a plant-based ink that fades in about two to three weeks. If you don’t have a draft in mind, these popular henna tattoo designs will give you some ideas.

What's the bottom line?

Beautiful, painless, and relatively cheap, getting a henna tattoo is a great way to adorn your body with art. There are thousands of henna tattoo designs so your choices are practically endless. The advantage is that they’re only temporary so you have the freedom to explore different options.

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25. Sexy Thigh Henna Tattoo

Sexy Thigh Henna Tattoo Source

For larger, more complex designs, the thighs are a popular tattoo placement. Designs often include flowers, as well as larger animals. Rocking a sexy thigh henna tattoo is especially great during bikini season.

24. Sandal Henna Tattoo

Sandal Henna Tattoo Source

Great to show off during the summer when open-toe footwear is a staple. You can sport a number of sandal henna tattoos that can span from your ankles down to your toes. 

23. Anklet Henna Tattoo

Anklet Henna Tattoo Source

For a lowkey tattoo, the ankles are usually the spot of choice. You can go crazy with the design because they’re easy to hide under a pair of jeans. They’re usually made to look like anklets and foot jewelry.

22. Neck Henna Tattoo

Neck Henna Tattoo Source

Want to wear a semi-permanent necklace? Commonly, neck henna tattoos are made to look like chokers or pendants. They can vary from small to large designs and also look great bedazzled. 

21. Reverse Necklace Henna Tattoo

Reverse Necklace Henna Tattoo Source

You can spot reversed necklace tattoos around the nape and cascading down to the upper back. These patterns are often wider around the neck and taper down like a necklace to the middle of the spine.

20. Arm Henna Tattoo

Arm Henna Tattoo Source

If you’re ready to sport a larger design, the arms are a good area to place your tattoo. Popular arm henna tattoo designs include depictions of nature, patterns, animals, or a combination of all three. 

19. Bracelet Henna Tattoo

Bracelet Henna Tattoo Source

In Indian culture, henna tattoos are viewed as cosmetic rather than religious. Typical henna tattoos are  most often seen around the wrist area, usually replicating a bracelet. You can combine a number of different elements with a bracelet henna. 

18. Ring Henna Tattoo

Ring Henna Tattoo Source

Ring henna tattoos are a popular choice for beginners as they simply look like accessories. You can go for a single band, but multiple and stacked henna tattoo designs are what most people go for.

17. Owl Henna Tattoo

Owl Henna Tattoo Source

In many ancient cultures, the owl is taken as a symbol of wisdom and mystery. Some civilizations even believe that owls are a guardian of the departed. Symbolic or not, the feathers of this animal make for great line art.

16. Glow in the Dark Henna Tattoo

Glow in the Dark Henna Tattoo Source

Want to keep it lowkey during the day but fun and exotic at night? Colorful glow in the dark henna tattoos exist and the creativity is totally blowing our minds!

15. Tribal Henna Tattoo

Tribal Henna Tattoo Source

Inspired by ancient tribal art, tribal henna tattoos are usually worn as an arm sleeve or around the hands. For old civilizations, tribal tattoos often symbolize different meanings like rites of passage, social status, and family identification.

14. Gold Henna Tattoo

Gold Henna Tattoo Source

For a more luxe feel, you can cover your body in gold henna tattoo. They’re a popular option for traditional designs, usually featuring celestial bodies. You’ll often see them in music festivals, too.

13. Maroon Henna Tattoo

Maroon Henna Tattoo Source

Out of the many colorful tattoos, maroon is one of the more popular henna color choices as the natural henna plant also comes in shades of red. This shade is great for floral and paisley patterns.

12. Textile Pattern Henna Tattoo

Textile Pattern Henna Tattoo Source

Stripes, waves, checkers, polkadots, dashes, chevrons - popular textile patterns are also a popular design choice. You can even combine several prints in one tattoo and create your own unique design. 

11. Bedazzled Henna Tattoo

Bedazzled Henna Tattoo Source

You can totally add a bling to your tattoo if you want to! Add some oomph to your ink with some bedazzled gems and jewels. They look phenomenal in conjunction with colored tattoos.

10. Dream Catcher Henna Tattoo

Dream Catcher Henna Tattoo Source

Said to attract good dreams and shoo away bad fortune, the dream catcher is a common henna tattoo design as well. You’d often see them on wrists, arms, and the back and are especially popular during festival seasons. 

9. Dragon Henna Tattoo

Dragon Henna Tattoo Source

Dragons, which are said to bestow protection and good fortune, are some of the most popular mythical creatures when it comes to tattoo choices. Because their designs are more complex, they’re often tattooed in larger areas.

8. Cartoon Henna Tattoo

Cartoon Henna Tattoo Source

For kids and kids at heart, you can also go with a cartoon henna tattoo! Going for character designs is a playful way to show love for your childhood favorites.

7. Star Henna Tattoo

Star Henna Tattoo Source

Stars in traditional tattoos often symbolize guidance or your goals and desires. For more modern day ink, they’re simply a cute symbol. Star henna tattoo designs look great across the wrists, arms, the back, and even around the ankles.

6. Moon Henna Tattoo

Moon Henna Tattoo Source

Celestial bodies are among the many traditional henna tattoo designs as they hold different meanings in Indian culture. Moons are especially a popular choice, and they’re said to represent feminine energy and fertility.

5. Flower Henna Tattoo

Flower Henna Tattoo Source

Flowers are the most common henna tattoo designs, as they represent beauty and new beginnings. Since henna is often worn as an adornment during weddings, Indian women often go for floral designs.

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4. Glitter Henna Tattoo

Glitter Henna Tattoo Source

While they only last around 6 to 8 hours tops, glitter henna tattoos are fun to wear and show off. They make excellent scene stealers for parties and night outs.

3. Colorful Henna Tattoo

Colorful Henna Tattoo Source

For a livelier and more vivid body ink, you can also opt for henna tattoo designs in different shades and colors. The henna plant naturally occurs in shades of red, orange, brown or blue-black.

2. White Henna Tattoo

White Henna Tattoo Source

White ‘henna’ tattoo isn’t actually made from henna plant ink, but a mix of surgical adhesive and white body paint. It looks unique, charming, and classy, and contrasts well for people with deeper skin tones.

1. Minimalist Henna Tattoo

Minimalist Henna Tattoo Source

Minimalist art is the best for beginners. Choose a small item, symbol, or word that represents your personality or holds meaning in your life. These designs are best located in more hidden areas.

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