Why people love it
  • Enrich, protect, and repair your skin
  • Made with shea butter, hemp seed oil, Vitamins A and C, and ginseng
  • Great for conditioning and softening rough, patchy, and scaly skin

Made with wide variety of natural ingredients, highly effective, affordable, great for your face and body, pleasant scent, good for sensitive skin, good value for the price, and won't leave a greasy film on your skin.

Scent can be overpowering to some people.


Ingredients: This lotion is made with a variety of natural ingredients: Vitamins A and C to provide antioxidants, Vitamin E and shea butter for protection and hydration, cucumber for added moisture, Aloe vera for soothing irritated skin, and ginseng to stimulate blood flow. It's not a 100% natural lotion—it does contain some chemical/artificial ingredients—but the natural ingredients it does contain are very effective.

Scent: Some users have complained that the smell of this lotion is TOO strong, but most agree that the scent is pleasant (similar to banana or passion fruit) without being too sweet.

Effects/Use: This is a basic body lotion that you can use for your back, legs, hands, and feet. It won't leave a greasy film on your skin, but it will do an excellent job of hydrating, protecting, and repairing damaged skin. It's paraben-free, gluten-free, and a vegan-friendly product.

Price: At just over $9 for a 17-ounce bottle, this is a very well-priced product. You get 4-6 weeks of daily moisturizing from this bottle, and it's a cream you'll want to use over and over.

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