Best Lightweight Camping Chair

Helinox - Chair One, The Ultimate Camp Chair
  • Lightweight construction
  • Made with high-performance fabric for enhanced durability
  • Compact and versatile
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If there is one camping chair you’re going to find on all the “best of” lists, this is it. Gear Patrol named it Editor’s Pick and Outdoor Gear Lab made it their Top Pick for Portability.

Because this is a lightweight and compact chair, you’ll see negative reviews related to its diminutive size, lack of comfort, or difficulty getting in and out of.


Price: For serious hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, you might not want to hesitate at the price tag on this one. What you’re buying with this is the portability, ease of use, and comfort that comes with this two-pound camping chair.

Comfort: This is going to depend on a number of factors. If you have issues with your joints, if you need something more heavy duty, or if back support is a must, then this probably isn’t going to be comfortable for you.

Setup: This chair sets up really easily.

Portability: If you’re looking for a lightweight and high-performing chair to carry around, you probably can’t do any better than a super compact, two-pound chair.

Durability: With top marks from most of the outdoor gear review sites, you’ve got to expect solid construction from the Helinox.


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