Healthy Snacks Care Package

Best Gift for the Hungry Mom

Why people love it
  • Healthy snacks
  • Prompt delivery, even outside of big cities
  • Mix of sweet and savory goodies

All-natural snacks do not contain artificial colors or flavors. Small, low-calorie servings help mom embrace a healthy lifestyle.

A few reviewers complain that the snacks are too similar, but most reviewers rave about the impressive variety.


Why she needs it: Parenting energetic kiddos is enough to make anyone hungry, especially when those kids devour everything on mom’s plate instead of eating their own food. Help mom fuel up throughout the day with this 30-pack box of healthy snacks. The small bags fit easily in diaper bags or purses, and they’re a nice alternative to fast food runs when hunger strikes.

Price: It costs less than $40 for 30 healthy snacks, and that price includes 2-day shipping for Prime members. That’s an incredible bargain if you consider how much your favorite mom probably spends on vending machine snacks.

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