The Health HP-STX electric toothbrush has 30,000 powerful strokes per minute to help remove plaque.

  • Get whiter teeth in 1 week
  • 30-second interval timer
  • Three modes; Power/Clean, Soft/Gentle and Massage

The brush automatically turns off after two minutes of brushing. This particular kit comes with 10 brush heads.

What Reviewers Say:

This toothbrush has a lot of positive reviews. Here's what people are saying.

  • Although I've been using a different brand sonic toothbrush for the last several months, my last dental checkup was perfect. My dental hygenist commended me in the cleanliness of my teeth and healthiness of my gums. I attribute that mainly to my brushing practices and the use of the sonic toothbrush.
  • I love the high setting for brushing my teeth and then using the massage setting to go around my gum lines to help keep my gums healthy and clean
  • After a couple of days of brushing twice a day, I'm sold on the HP-STX, and my old Sonicare has been quietly retired.

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