You in no way need to be the wittiest man on the block or always have a handful of jokes in your back pocket.  But, if you can connect with a woman and make her laugh down to her core, you'll make a more than good impression. 


There's a difference between a polite laugh, a giggle and a stomach-aching laugh that is uncontrollable. You do the first 2 out of social politeness.  They're inherent traits we learn from our upbringing. The latter is the type of laugh that is unforgettable. This type of laugh matters, and lets you connect with one and other. It's not about being funny, or about being a sharp shooter either.  But, if you can get on her level of humor and connect with her in that way, you'll make a lasting impression.  If you're humor types are similar, and 1 person isn't faking being funny or finding something funny to be polite to the other, it's likely you're on your way to a healthy, long-term relationship.

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