Haze Dual 3

Best Portable Vaporizer

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Why people love it
  • Beautifully compact; fits in your pocket or purse
  • Easy to get a good mouthful of well-flavored vapor
  • Well-built, durable; comes with a ten-year warranty

Roughly the size of an old-school beeper, dual chamber design, can vape both liquid and dry herb, easy to load and clean, minimal draw resistance, and produces excellent vapor if given time.

Takes 60 to 120 seconds to properly heat up and deliver the full flavor.


Performance: With this vape, you're getting less of a vape pen and more of a vape box. This is due to the fact that it has TWO heating chambers--one for dry leaf and one for e-liquid. You can use either one at will, all it takes is a minute or two of heating and you can puff away. Once the chambers have heated up properly, you'll find you get a good mouthful of thick, rich vapor with a lot of flavor. Excellent for those who want to savor their nicotine, though the vapor can be a bit hot.

The Haze is incredibly easy to open, clean, re-fill, and reassemble. It does require a bit more cleaning (especially of the glass and steel mouthpieces), but you'll find that the heating element (both conduction and convection) is very reliable. It may be compact, but it doesn't feel like cheap plastic. It's a well-built vape that feels built to last.

Features: The dual chamber feature means you can vape concentrate and dry herb without switching vapes or cartridges. It's easy to switch between the two, and all you have to do is wait for the burner to heat up before vaping away. Many users note that it's better with dry herb, especially on a lower heat setting. Thanks to the ventilation, you can vape without causing a build-up of internal heat (which could damage the vape).

Battery life isn't so great on this vape--you only get about 90 minutes of vaping time before you need to recharge. However, using the battery on the lower heat settings gives you a longer lifespan. The vape also has a built-in auto shut-off function that will turn the heating element off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Unless you're a heavy vaper, you'll find it lasts more than long enough for any outing. 

Price: The Haze is a $250 vaporizer, making it one of the most expensive on the list. However, given its portability and versatility, you'll find that it makes a good investment. Plus, it's backed by a 10-year warranty!

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