Hayden Autosoap Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Most Innovative Automatic Soap Dispenser

Why people love it

• Can be used for both soap and hand sanitizer

• Three simple one-touch volume settings to adjust dispensing quantity

• Compatible with ANY soap of ANY brand


The battery compartment is not waterproof, and the sensor is a bit over-sensitive.


Performance: This is the only quality soap dispenser designed to dispense both liquid soap and hand sanitizer. Whether you use it for commercial or residential uses, the durable stainless steel shell will protect it from damage. The shell is also smudge- and fingerprint-resistant, as well as grime-resistant.

The sleek appearance of the soap dispenser is the perfect complement to any modern residential or commercial décor. You'll find it's one of the simplest and sturdiest of the automatic soap dispensers around.

Features: The sensor is designed to trigger the dispenser when your hand is placed beneath the spout. It tends to be a tad over-sensitive, so it may lead to accidental triggers. However, once you get used to keeping your hands away from the sensor, you'll find it works well without making a mess.

The one-touch volume adjustment buttons allow you to fiddle with the amount of soap dispensed. You can refill the dispenser with soap of any brand, as well as most liquid hand sanitizers. It even comes with an on/off button that allows you to conserve battery life when you're away from home. The raised base will prevent contact with any water on the counter or sink top. And with a 280 ml soap reservoir, you have more than enough for months of regular use.

Be warned: the battery compartment isn't fully waterproof. If you use it near a sink, there's a risk of water leaking in and destroying the dispenser.

Price: The $30 price tag on this soap dispenser is very reasonable, considering its versatility and quality. It's perfect for dispensing both soap and hand sanitizer, and is tough enough for both residential and commercial use.

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