Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Best Gift for the Teen Boy that Always Has a Friend Over

Why people love it
  • Sturdy; quality products
  • Value for money
  • Super fun for all ages

You do need 2 people to assemble this (ideally) and the ball does tend to fly out of the goalie hole after goals are scored.


Details: C’mon. What guy – young or old – doesn’t want a Foosball table? The answer is that they all do. These are such a great source of fun for small groups, especially teen boys. And this particular table is sturdy enough to handle rough play while remaining compact enough to fit into smaller rooms – and to move around when the occasion calls for it.

Now, it’s not 100% perfect, balls that fly into the goalie hole do tend to soar out of the bottom, and you may need to finagle something to keep that from disturbing super active play. But, you’re hardly going to find another foosball table of this quality for this price. If he’s always entertaining the guys, this is a definite score.

Price: The MRSP is just over $160 and even that is a decent price. But, you can find this on Amazon for roughly $100, which means you can splash out on the expert assembly (to save you the time and energy) or the 2-year accident protection plan.

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