Hart Steel 5/8 Square Point Straight Razor

Best American Made Straight Razor

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Why people love it
  • Made in America
  • Rivals razors from Germany and Sweden
  • Compatible huge variety of scales

Each razor is handmade by an individual Artisan Technician, from start to finish, in America. The Hart Steel Square Point is one of the most balanced razors you’ll find.

Square points take a lot of skill to use without cutting yourself, so they aren't the best for beginners. However, once you master shaving with a square point you can't beat the precision.


Blade Design: This is the first time America has produced anything like a blade from Germany. Hart Steel finally steps up on the USA’s razor game with the 5/8 square point. This blade is so good for cleaning up a beard; that cut-throat tip will not leave a single hair out of place. You’ll get a clean, crisp beard line every time.

Handle Design: Here is another area where Hart Steel innovates. A single piece, instead of the traditional two-sided scales. This is an eye-catching and functional design. This razor is adjustable where the blade attaches, allowing you movement to get the blade as tight or as loose as you want it. The blade is also super easy to swap out if you fancy. You should be diligent about wiping any straight razor dry after each use, but as a bonus, you also get a silicone infused cotton sheath that wicks away any moisture left behind.

Price: This straight razor is about $100 cheaper than our top pick for basic models, but still significantly more than the rest of the straight razors on the list.

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