Best Overall Pour Over Coffee Maker

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper
  • Only the best-tasting coffee when you get it right!
  • Even extraction of flavor thanks to the ringed cone design
  • Perfect for those who want total control over their coffee
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Quick brewing time, excellent quality coffee, durable ceramic, perfect for hands-on brewers, lets you control brewing temperature and time, sturdy design, easy to keep clean, adjustable according to your brewing preferences, and will make your coffee flavors pop!

Can be tricky for novices; unforgiving brewing process.


Design: This little pour over coffee maker is ideal for those who want their coffee made “just so” every time. Made with glass, plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel (you choose, according to your brewing preferences—most people stick with the ceramic because it holds heat better), this coffee maker comes with a ridged design that keeps the filter away from the edge. This helps to ensure more even extraction of the coffee, and helps your flavors to truly sing. With the large opening at the bottom of the dripper, you get a well-brewed cup of coffee far faster than you do with other pour over coffee makers.

Brewing: The conical brewer uses ultralight coffee filters, which keep the paper taste out of your coffee as it brews. Thanks to the shape and design of the coffee maker, you can control the temperature of your water, the time to brew the coffee, even the flow of the water.

However, be warned: if you don’t get it right, your coffee is going to be weak and watery. It can take a bit more practice to learn the coffee making process just right, and you’ll find this coffee maker is far less forgiving than others.

Features: The coffee maker sits nicely on top of your coffee mug, so you can brew directly into your cup. The ridged design helps to expand the flavors of the coffee so you can really taste each of the complex notes. It’s up to you to change the speed of your pour in order to affect the flavor of your brew.

Price: At $21, this is a fairly well-priced little coffee maker. It’s definitely trickier and more finicky than the others on our list, but once you learn it right, you’ll find it makes one hell of a cup!


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