Okay, we know this is not the cheapest carry-on suitcase you can get.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  But, it could be the sexiest and you know it, don't you?  It's modern, yet elegantly classic.  It also fits within carry-on strandards, but it's not cluttered with bells and whistles that take up a lot of room.  You can fall in love with this luggage; we have already.


The CarryOn Suitcase is a fine piece of real luggage, perfect to take onboard a short trip.  The artisans at Hard Graft have selected each perfect hide and carefully assembled the leather with a touch of magic. So much time and attention to detail go into each and every piece.  The quality shows and not just on the outside- they pay as much attention to the things you don't see that makes their products last and stand the test of time.  The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and can be removed if you don't need it but they think you'll love the fact that you can throw your suitcase over your shoulder.  Fully lined with rich British wool and reinforced in all the right places, this suitcase is really special.

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