Happy Baby Food Organic Puff

Best Organic Baby Food Cereal

Why people love it
  • Dissolves quickly- never a fear of choking
  • No added sugars
  • Perfect for teaching children to self-feed

Sweetened with 100% fruit juice, lightly dusted with organic fruit or vegetable powder, and fortified with Choline for brain and eye health. Gluten-free flavor. 

Loses freshness after 4-5 days.


Cheerios were the original baby's first finger food. Then somwhere along the way someone invented the "puff". Now today we have ogranic puffs and Happy Baby is the best out there. 

Ingredients: The Happy Baby Organic Puffs first won us over with their ingredient list. Brown rice flour is the first ingredient unlike most puffs which have wheat. We think you'll be happy knowing these puffs have half the sugar than other puffs on the market. And it's in the form of fruit juice concentrate. 

Taste: These puffs taste sweet initially followed by a mild toasted flavor. Children and moms love all 6 flavor varieties. Flavors include: purple carrot and blueberry, strawberry and beet, sweet potato and carrot, apple and broccoli, banana and pumpkin, and kale and spinach. 

Packaging: We love the packaging of these puffs and we think you will too. The BPA-free container is a lot smaller and more convenient than a box of cereal. Not to mention it just happens to fit perfectly in regular sized cup holders. Make sure to eat the puffs within a week of opening or transfer to an airtight container to prevent them from becoming stale. 

Price: These organic puffs come in at a moderate $17 for a pack of 6, falling in the mid range for kid puffs. 

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