Happy Baby Organic Food Pouches

Best Organic Baby Food Pouch

Why people love it
  • Convenient and easy to take with you - a must-have for travel
  • Flavors are delicious and taste like a sweet fruit
  • Great way to sneak in veggies for picky eaters

High sugar content because of the pureed fruit. 


As the #1 best seller on Amazon for baby food its no surprise that Organics Happy Family makes for some happy moms!


You know an organic food product is good when you can count the ingredients on one hand. Happy Baby food consists of organic fruit and vegetable puree, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and organic lemon juice and thats all. There are no artificial colors or flavorings and they are naturally gluten-free. 


Young children love the taste of this stuff, even the ones that have peas and kale in them. Since fruit is the main ingredient it really hides the taste of the bitter vegetables. This means you can sneak in those veggies for your picky eater. And if your child doesn't prefer one of the flavors there are 13 others to choose from. They even have one with pumpkin, apple, peaches, and cinnamon -sounds like a Thanksgiving pie to us. 


Instead of jars the Happy Baby food comes in BPA-free pouchs designed with kids in mind. The packaging design includes playful characters, bright colors, and makes kale actually look exciting. No wonder kids beg for this stuff. Just squeeze into a bowl or onto a spoon and serve. Since there are no preservatives, make sure and use the opened pouch within 24 hours. What we love most about these pouches is that they are super convenient if you're on-the-go. Simply throw one in your car or diaper bag and you don't have to worry about it breaking like the glass jars do.


Most food pouches seem to average about $1 each. Happy Baby is a little higher than its competitors costing around $1.47 per pouch. But for an extra $0.47 we think it's worth putting a smile on child's face. It can be difficult to find the veggie pouches in local stores so be sure and buy those online! 

Happy Baby vs. Plum: It was close competition between the Happy Baby food and Plum Organics baby food. However, most babies seem to like the taste of Happy Baby better and there are more varieties. Happy Baby is slightly more expensive - $0.40/ounce for Happy Baby and $0.30/ounce for Plum Organics. 

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