Best Dating App if You’re on the Move a Lot

Why people love it
  • Proximity-based dating app
  • Great if you’re always out and about and want to get to know the people you cross paths with often
  • Very simple and easy to use

While there are a number of specialty dating apps that can help you find someone with your same taste in music (Tastebuds), your same religion (J-Date), or even your same dislikes (Hater), Happn simplifies it all. Let’s say you go to your local movie theater at least once a week and you want to find someone who goes there as well. This app will show you who you’ve literally crossed paths with and how often you’ve done so.

This app is really only going to be good if you’re on the move a lot and a very social person to begin with. Homebodies, stay away.


Quality: This is a really well-made app. Simple in design and straight-forward in its mission.

Ease of Use: Unlike other apps that can overwhelm with too many ways to swipe or chat or check in on your matches, this one is very simple and streamlined. You’ll see your timeline, notifications, messages, and settings. That’s it.

Price: Happn is free to use. Aside from maybe buying credits to engage with users in different ways (like to “Say hi!”), there’s really no need to spend money on this one.

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