A hammock that cocoons its user, perfect for reading or relaxing.  Inspired by the hanging, tapering nests of weaver birds, its semi-enclosed design provides a haven for children and adults alike who enjoy solitude while engrossed in a story or replenishing the spirit.


Supporting up to 440 lbs. when hung using the included 13' nylon rope and steel carabiner, it is equally at-home in a backyard, woods, beach, office, or den, and is currently enjoyed in luxury spas in England's West Country. An eight-section aluminum ring that assembles in minutes forms the hammock's circular base. The shell is a 350-gram cotton/polyester blend, the same material used to cover an ocean-going yacht's sails, providing the soft feel of canvas with the durability of a technical fabric. Treated with polyurethane for water resistance, the shell also provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Requires 8' 9" headroom and 7' 3"' floor space. (11 lbs.)

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