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Hanes Men's Five-Pack Ultimate Tartan Boxers


The best thing about boxers?  Rolling out of bed and not needing to pull on a pair of shorts to make a cup of coffee. Guys love this line and rave like madmen for the way it fits, wash after wash. You will too.  Made with cotton and polyester, these boxers also have a functioning fly that doesn't gap. Now that's a bonus. Plus, these boxers aren't going to break the bank. 

What Reviewers Say:

Almost across the board, men rave about the comfort of these boxers. If that's what you're after and you don't mind the sweet price either, it's time to order these.

  • "These are comfortable. The material is nice, and the waistbands are not rough. I like the tagless feature."
  • "Excellent product. light weight, firm but soft waste band. lots of leg room but not baggie in the bottom. and the price is right."
  • "I've bought and tried just about every name-brand boxer that costs less than $10 each and have found that Hanes are the best. But only if they are the 'Classics' (plural, not singular) version. (The non-Classics version that you get at discount stores are NOT the same.)"

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