Hanes Men's Classics 6 Pack

Most Durable Undershirt for Men

Why people love it

• Thick, sturdy cotton that can take a beating

• Available everywhere and at a great price

• The work-horse of undershirts


Durable material, thick cotton, safe for machine-washing, suitable for exterior wear, comfortable, good weight, stays tucked in all day, no-bulge sleeves, flat collar, and soft fabric.

Simple and not the most stylish cut.


Comfort: If you need an undershirt for use around the house, while out fishing, or even at the office, this is the shirt for you. The 100% cotton shirt is beautifully thick and sturdy, and it feels more like you're wearing an outershirt than undershirt. It's a bit heavier than you'd expect, but that makes it a suitable shirt to wear when you want a plain white tee to compliment your style. However, you'll find that it's a work-horse shirt that can be adapted to most uses and activities. 

Fit: The fit is slimmer, but not so tight heavier men won't be comfortable. The shirt doesn't stretch or sag, and it can put up with most daily activities. There's even odor-suppressing technology incorporated into the shirt to prevent body odor or sweat from stinking.

Price: At $18 for a 6-pack, this is a very well-priced set of undershirts. They're durable and long-lasting, and you'll find they're adaptable to just about anything you throw at them.


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