Handy Professional Cleaners

Best Valentine's Gift for the Wife Who Does It All

Why people love it
  • Cleaning professionals do a quick and thorough job
  • Affordable service
  • Very popular (and well-received) gift idea for wives

Handy.com is only available in major metropolitan areas. If you don’t live in one of these, look for other local services. (Or you can just clean the house yourself.)


Sentimentality: Your wife works hard all year round. You may be surprised how much she’ll appreciate a little help around the house on Valentine’s Day.

Uniqueness: Considering how many people we heard this suggestion from, it's probably not the most unique gift idea.

Practicality: There’s no question about this being a practical gift—especially when you see the look on her face when she walks into a spotless home.

Price: Pricing will depend on how big your home is, but it’s not too bad.

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