This auto espresso maker operates from the cigarette lighter of your car.

  • 16 bar pressure
  • Uses ESE Pods for brewing
  • Cycle: 2 minutes

We’re not ruling out the tea drinkers, but let’s be honest - most people need a cup of coffee to get them going in the morning. Okay, we know that’s probably not a fact; it’s just something a lot of people believe. In any case, that first cup of coffee is important wherever you are. If you’re camping, staying in a no-frills hotel, spent the night out, or anything else that takes you away from your standard morning coffee - you need this Handpresso Espresso Maker. Trust us (and then click to read more).

Within 2 minutes, you could be enjoying a perfect coffee - even if you spent the night on the side of a mountain. That’s incredible. Plus, it doesn’t require hot water (it’ll do that on its own) and doesn’t involve a whole mess of cleanup. Just think about how easy that road trip with the guys will be now (and how jealous they’ll be too).

What Reviewers Say:

  • I'd had my eye on the Handpresso auto ever since I heard about it. When I got a job where it was impossible to get espresso, my mind was made up. The handpresso is sturdy and made of high quality materials and yet it's very portable and light. It seems quite durable.
    Surprisingly enough, the espresso it produces is very good considering it comes from such a compact machine that uses pods (it's certainly better than Starsucks or any vending machine junk). While you shouldn't expect a 100% real crema from the handpresso, the coffee it makes is nearly identical in taste to the one I get at home with my "real" espresso maker. The best way to get the thickest possible crema is to stop brewing right before the bubbles start coming out (you can tell because the coffee flow will slow down considerably before the bubbles form). This little trick will give you the "creamiest" possible espresso on this machine
  • I bought this as a birthday gift for my wife because she's a Cuban born coffee snob that is very particular about her espresso and I thought this would make a great gift. We just got back to Miami from a week long trip to North Carolina and since we decided to drive straight through (a 12 hour trip) with as little stops as possible, this was the perfect accessory to take along.
  • Press the Start button and the pump will come on for about a minute. Observe the thermometer gauge and wait for three beeps. Unplug the machine, turn it upside down positioning the opening of the portafilter over an espresso cup. Press the Brew button and enjoy your espresso.

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