Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2 is a revolution in the making, bringing hammock camping to a new level of comfort and convenience. Sky Tent 2 allows you to stay dry from the rain, safe from the bugs and provides ample space for you and your gear. It is a tent for your hammock off the ground.


The newly updated Sky Tent 2 in all black features a lighter weight ripstop waterproof nylon on both the rain fly and the base layer making this version 6 oz lighter in weight! Sky Tent 2 can accommodate 2 hammocks so both you and a friend can hang together. The all black oversized rain fly provides complete protection from the rain for both your hammock and your gear. 2100 holes per square inch no-see-um netting keeps out the smallest bugs and reduces the chilling effect of the wind. Sky Tent 2 now features a new waterproof ripstop nylon base layer that helps retain body heat, provides storage for light weight gear and creates a tough floor for using Sky Tent on the ground. Double pull YKK zippers make it a breeze to get into and out of your sky space. 80 inches of 6mm climbing rope per side are provided to hang Sky Tent above your hammock and 138 inches of climbing rope provide a secure ridgeline below the rain fly. A new prusik knot allows the ridgeline of Sky Tent 2 to be adjustable. There is 100" of cord on the 4 corners of the rain fly with lineloc buckles for easy tensioning. The oversized attached waterproof stuff sack easily accommodates any sized hammock. You can pack both your hammock and the sky tent together in the stuff sack for extra convenience on the trail. There is plenty of room to hang your backpack at either end of your hammock so both you and your gear can stay off the ground and dry. Join the Sky Tent revolution - hammock camping will never be the same!

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