Why people love it
  • Blocks RFID readers from scanning your card; prevents ID theft
  • Invisible when placed in your pocket, won't attract pickpockets' attention
  • Minimalist, lightweight, and compact

Features a minimalist design, blocks RFID readers, slim, great for the no-wallet traveler, created using genuine leather, durable, and inexpensive.

Doesn't hold many cards or bills.


Details: If you're married to a man who HATES carrying around a wallet stuffed full of credit cards, cash, IDs, and other items, this is the wallet of choice. The slim, minimalist design makes it perfect: he's got space for three cards and a bit of cash. It's everything he needs in the wallet that goes everywhere with him.

This is the perfect travel wallet. It's compact enough to fit in any jacket, shirt, or pants pocket—heck, it even works with a pair of board shorts or bermudas. The Anti-Breach Technology will prevent RFID scanners from stealing your credit card details, preventing identity theft.  It's a great thing to have handy when touring the world!

Price: At $13, this is a beautifully affordable wallet. Functionality aside, it's also an elegant and durable accessory made out of genuine leather. Totally worth it!

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