Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Best Kitchen Gadget for Bachelors

Why people love it
  • Create amazing breakfast sandwiches at home
  • Hardly difficult to clean
  • Easy to use (regardless of your morning state of mind)

The design of this gadget enables perfect cooking of every layer (rather than a messy mound of breakfast food). The secret? cooking the egg separately - and yet all at the same time.


The lack of an on/off switch means you'll need to deal with the plug every time. And, you're going to wish you had more than one of these so you can make multiple sandwiches at once. 


There's no way that you can pass this gadget up. It lets you make your own delicious breakfast sandwiches. And, whatever the reason for your late night, not going out for hangover food is the best thing in the world, right?

What’s it used for? Now you can cook delicious breakfast sandwiches in the comfort of your own home. It always tastes better when you use fresh ingredients, including eggs, cheese and much more. (Oh, and if you need it, Hamilton Beach also has a model that makes 2 at once!) 

Is it easy to use? Not only are your breakfast sandwiches ready in 5 minutes, there are a few quick and easy recipes included in the box. And, it's deadly simple to use, especially as you keep the egg separate!

Dishwasher-safe? All the removable parts are dishwasher safe, but you'll need a damp cloth to wipe down the body. All the surfaces are covered with durable, nonstick coating, so you definitely don't want to scrub at them with abrasive sponges. 

Will it break the bank? If you were to use this once a week, it wouldn't take you long to recoup your investment. Use it daily and you'll probably have paid for it in a matter of days. In other words, it won't break the bank... as long as you use it!

What Reviewers Say: 

If you're like these folks, you're going to love this baby.

  • This device is super quick and actually helps you make a breakfast sandwich in 5 minutes or under! Who doesn't have 5 minutes to spare for a great breakfast?!
  • I'm gadget-crazy and bought this on a whim, and I'm pretty impressed. My sandwich came out perfect the very first time! I used Pam spray, English muffins, ham, cheese, and an egg. Heated it up a little past the recommended time. Set a timer for five minutes. Used tongs to lift up the compartments and whaddya know! A perfect, cute little sandwich! I pulled it out with a plastic spatula and set it on a tiny cookie rack to cool so the bottom wouldn't get soggy. Nothing leaked, nothing stuck. Very compact and tidy. Let the contraption cool, then rinse and wipe.
  • Would recommend everybody buy one if you like breakfast sandwiches!!!!!!!!!

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