All good Halloween parties involve some sort of liquor, right? Now you can dress those bottles in costumes.

  • 8 Halloween glow-in-the-dark labels
  • Dress up your drinks
  • Self-stick and easy to use

Simply stick these labels on the alcohol bottles at your Halloween party and you've got a conversation piece. (Not that the alcohol won't get people talking without the labels.) 

What Reviewers Say:

  • The glow in the dark is awesome, and the labels are easy to use. I have an esty store where I sell beaded spiders and these help me make a easy Halloween display for them. I think I will get more.
  • I bought these at a great price for 8 labels. (I saw similar products for more expensive for less labels.) The labels are a good quality. Very pleased.
  • These bottle labels are very bright & stand out! I use them on my craft bottles that are painted black & they look like 'real' wine labels! I will def. order more! I am very pleased with these labels & the price is x'cellent! I def. recommend this product! :)

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