Babysitting is dangerous when there's a killer on the loose. And, this movie is scary as hell whether you've ever been a babysitter or not.

  • Stars Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut role
  • Directed by John Carpenter
  • Available on DVD from Amazon

Sadly, we can't just stream this movie when we want... at least not yet. But, we all know how terrifying this movie is. While it's technically a slasher movie, it's scarier than that. And, you'll be jumping all over the place. Promise.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Halloween. What a perfect title for a Horror movie. It's hard to believe back in 1977 that there had never been any movie, let alone a Horror film, that incorporated that title. And what good usage it got. Written, directed, and even musically scored by John Carpenter (with great assistance by then girlfriend Debra Hill), this was truly a film that brought Horror to it's roots, leaving an impact that only George Romero's Night Of The Living Dead did ten years earlier. Showcasing a deranged killer by the name of Michael Myers who in childhood murdered his sister in cold blood on Halloween night, only to escape his asylum to return to his Illinois home to hunt down babysitter (and eventually known little sister) Jamie Lee Curtis 15 years later, was truly an amazing film that never exploited the genre, keeping the imagination and terror flowing within the viewers mind rather than blatantly on the screen. For it's time it was the number one profitable independent film ever made, and after almost thirty years, it still terrifies and never grows old. A true classic film. Every single DVD collector should own it....
  • Awesome movie and one that isn't on any of the streaming services. Worth picking up
  • Best scary movie ever. It was delivered in just a few days.
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