Haier HPC12XCR 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

Why people love it
  • Unit works fantastically 
  • Cools room quickly 
  • Good quality and easy to install 



It’s not necessarily the most energy efficient machine and some people still feel it is too loud. 


There is a lot to like with this portable AC. It cools a fair amount of space and it does so quickly. Additionally, the setup is easy enough to get it going fast, though it is a little on the heavier side. It’s low-decibel operation and high capacity dehumidifier makes people fall in love with it.

Now, it is a single hose system, but you shouldn’t expect to empty the water reservoir constantly. Sadly, it doesn’t offer a sleep mode, but there is a 24-hour sleep timer and the remote (although basic in appearance) does offer full functionality. Indeed, this is one snappy little machine and a great option for those living in apartments without built-in air conditioning. Get it while it’s on sale and you won’t be disappointed.

Room size: 450 sq. ft.

Power: 12,000 BTU

Maximum airflow: 188 CFM

Single or dual hose: Single

Fan operation: Yes, 3-speeds.

Dehumidifier: Yes, 100 pints/day.

Noise level: 49 dB

Display: Blue LCD display

Sleep mode or timer: It doesn’t have a sleep mode, but it does offer a 24-hour timer.

Remote: Yes, with full function that operates anywhere in the room.

Weight: 74.8 lbs

Price: You will likely pay between $385 and $400 for this portable AC.

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