When you get serious about wine, you'll need somewhere to store it. 

  • Ultra-quiet thermal electric cooling
  • Dual touch screen controls with 2 LED displays
  • 6 full-width chrome storage racks

Sure, a wine cellar works wonders if you're living a chateau in France, but most people don't have the kind of space. So, you'll need something more along the lines of a smaller, independent wine fridge like this one. 

There is nothing like a fine wine at the perfect temperature. And, once you get a taste for good wines, you'll have a difficult time turning to the cheap bottles you once bought for dinner. Sure, you can pick up a few wines at a very reasonable price. But, when you start to spend, proper storage is key to enjoying your drink. Just get this wine cellar from Haier and stop dragging your feet; you'll thank yourself for it.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Bought this as a gift for my wife. Very pleased with the unit, as it looks good, runs quite, and performs well, especially for the price. We had an issue with it at first that others may need to know about. We originally set it on a counter with the back of the unit about an inch from the wall. After one week, the unit would only cool to 54 degrees, which is just a little too warm to drink chilled wine. I was going to return it to Amazon, but my wife simply moved the unit about 3/4 inch further from the wall, and within an hour or so the unit was at 47 degrees and has now stayed there for several weeks. Apparantly it could not vent properly at 1 inch ffom the wall. This was a simple fix that the instructions did not mention. We are now very pleased with this purchase.
  • This has been a great wine chiller. Great price - super quiet - and an incredibly small footprint.
  • Whisper quiet operation, looks good, and holds a constant temperature. Will update this in the future after a few months, but initial purchase and first week I have had nothing but compliments from friends, and positive experience. It has been a great addition to my bar area.
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