The PlastC device promises to replace every card in your wallet with a single smart card.

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If you're like most guys, your poor wallet takes a lot of abuse. Credit cards, cash - sure, no problem - but then you're stuffing   in loyalty cards, gift cards, a few receipts, baseball tickets...well, you get the picture. Some of us have completely given up and are even sporting fanny packs and "man bags".

Meet Plastc - an awesome new device that replaces all the cards in your wallet and reduces the awkward card shuffle in the checkout line. The device is capable of storing 20 cards, but it also pairs (via Bluetooth) with your smartphone - so it's card capacity is nearly unlimited.

In addition, the device can display barcodes for loyalty and cards through it's e-ink touchscreen panel. And for your inner accountant, it logs every transaction you make with all of your cards.

Sure, you say - convenient! But what about the security? In our opinion, the security features alone are worth the price of admission($155). If your wallet is lost or stolen today, you could face weeks replacing your cards and possibly fighting fraudulent charges. With Plastc, you can remotely wipe all of your card data the moment you realize it's missing.  

Sound familiar? It should - you might remember a similar device launched back in 2013 called Coin. Like Plastc, it can also manage payments, and store your cards and transaction data. Unfortunately for early adopters, Coin originally promised to release late 2014 - but recently pushed its ETA back to spring of 2015, citing "kinks" in its manufacturing process.

One is left to wonder if a relatively unknown company like Plastc will be able to accomplish what Coin could not? When the two products do make it to the market, we're betting on the Plastc. You see, the federal government is "encouraging" retailers to only accept cards embedded with a computer chip to prevent identity theft. The upshot? Coin could be obsolete before it even launches.

Plastc is now available for pre-order via it's website for $155.

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