Gucci Men's Black Canvas Bifold Wallet

Best Designer Wallet for Men

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Why people love it
  • Superior quality
  • Flashy without being over the top
  • Great design detail

The Gucci Men's Black Canvas Bifold screams confidence and class. 

This wallet is not cheap.


Materials: This is the Ferrari of wallets. Outside you have sexy monogrammed black canvas that is intricately stitched to leather trim. And the black leather interior pairs flawlessly with the outside. Plus it has plenty of room for your cards and cash.  

Durability: This wallet should last you for years. The only reason you should need to replace it is if you just want a different one, not because it wore out or broke. 

Style: This is a bifold wallet that measures 4.5 x 3.5 inches. It has 6 credit card slots and two slots for bills. The style is truly unbeatable.

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