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Guard Dog Security iStun Cell Phone Stun Gun
  • Conceal your stun gun in the shape of a smartphone
  • Stop any attackers with a well-placed electric shock
  • User-friendly, convenient, excellent for self-defense
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Powerful stun gun disguised as a smartphone, built-in flashlight, features a rechargeable battery, safe and convenient, small enough to conceal in purse or pocket, compact, lightweight, and durable.

The switch is easy to accidentally trigger in your pocket or purse.


Performance: The fact that this stun gun is shaped like an iPhone makes it an excellent choice for college students and working professionals alike. The stun gun is a bit bulkier than your average iPhone, but your assailant won't have time to notice when you press the tips against his skin and send 35 million volts of electricity running through him.

The stun gun isn't as powerful as some of our higher-rated models, but it delivers enough of a jolt to knock them back and to the ground. You'll have plenty of time to run to safety thanks to the potent little stun gun.

Features: The stun gun is shaped like an iPhone, with a sticker that looks like the iOS home screen. The button on the side triggers the electricity, and the two tips at the top will send electricity shooting into your attacker.

You'll love the built-in LED flashlight, which will disorient your assailant long enough for you to call out for help. Some users have complained that the button is too easily triggered—it can accidentally be pressed in your pocket or purse—but it will make it easier for you to stun your attacker.

Price: At $20, this is a well-priced stun gun. It's cleverly designed to blend with all the typical items you carry around, making it a handy item for self-defense.


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