GSCW Bar Set

Best Christmas Gift for Drinking Men

Why people love it
  • 10-piece kit comes with everything he'll need to play bartender at home
  • Durable and well-designed tools; makes bartending easier!
  • Help him up his mixology game!

Complete mixology set, easy to use, quality stainless steel equipment, affordable, sturdy design, and easy to keep organized.

Prone to rust/water marks and must be hand-dried.


Details: This little mixology set has everything he needs to be a bad-ass bartender at home! It comes with 10 pieces: a double-walled ice bucket with lid, drink stirrer, cheese knife, cocktail shaker, jigger, strainer, bottle opener, corkscrew, tongs, and a stand to keep it all organized. Made from durable stainless steel, the tools of the bartender trade are able to withstand regular use.

Be warned: the tools are a bit smaller than you'd expect, and they MUST be hand-dried (with a clean towel) to prevent rust and water marks. However, they're a complete set of tools for mixology and everything he needs to get his drink on.

Price: At $33 for the 10-piece set, you're getting him a complete mixology set for a pretty sweet price. It's the perfect gift for his wet bar or man cave—plus, you get to enjoy all those delicious cocktails and mixed drinks he'll make!

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