Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips PRO

Best Super-Heavy Lifting Gloves

Why people love it
  • Replaces power hooks, grip pads, and lifting grips
  • Fully adjustable and versatile, useful for any and all heavy lifts
  • Ergonomically designed; comfortable and durable

Easy to use, comfortable, great wrist support, one size fits all, adds extra grip power for heavy lifts, good quality, take the strain off your forearms and wrists

Pricey, sizes difficult to get right



For powerlifters and Olympic lifters getting ready for some heavy Deadlifts, these are your best friend! They're built to enhance your grip, offering you better traction on the heavy barbell. They will reduce the tension on your wrists and forearms to help you concentrate on your lower back and body form.

The grips are "one size fits all", though people with larger hands find the tongue is just a bit too short for comfortable grip. However, they are incredibly durable and will provide you the added grip strength to support those heavy barbells while you lift.


The grips come with a leather-covered tongue that wraps around the barbell, offering excellent traction for your fingers to grip. The wrist strap will offer good support to your wrists and take some of the weight off your fingers, enabling you to lift heavier weights. The unisex design makes them ideal for both male and female heavy lifters.


 At $33, these are slightly on the pricier side. Those who want an alternative to power hooks and lifting grips will find this an excellent choice, if a bit more expensive than other gloves on our list.

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